Our goal is to bring primary eye care and eye glasses to the world’s most underserved communities.

Over 1.5 billion people still lack access to a pair of glasses and 89% of them are in the developing world, costing the world an estimated 3 trillion dollars a year in economic productivity. We aim to bring affordable and quality glasses to those who need them.

We believe that having good vision is a key pillar in the overall development of a community that contributes to a positive uplift in literacy, safety,  unlocks the economic potential of communities and ultimately, increases the quality of life.

What we do


Our goal is to transform the lives of the 2.5 billion people who do not have access to primary eye care and glasses, especially those in vulnerable and remote communities. We aim to change lives for the better by empowering individuals with eye glasses and eye health education, improving quality of one’s life and unlock the economic potential of communities.


Our volunteers are passionate about what they do. We aim to give them life changing experiences on our missions, as much as they change the lives of our beneficiaries. We long to inspire individuals to volunteer and give back in service to humanity SIGHT TO SKY SIGHT TO SKY SIGHT TO SKY SIGHT TO SKY SIGHT TO SKY SIGHT TO SKY SIGHT TO SKY SIGHT TO SKY


We serve to protect the dignity and progress of the communities we work in, many of whom are vulnerable because they are left out by development either due to the area they live in or because they are part of marginalised communities with dying cultures. Many of our beneficiaries live in areas which are heavily impacted by climate change or conflict. SIGHT TO SKY 


We bring access to primary eye care through our network of mobile eye clinics and programs, distributing life changing eye glasses and eye health education to create awareness. By building distribution networks and infrastructure to the most remote areas whom fall between cracks of larger organizations, we aim to bring much needed eye care to these communities

I’ve always wanted to give back and Sight to Sky was the way to do it.

Jesse Vinet, Volunteer

I can come in direct contact with the people in need… and it touches my soul.

Peter Ho, Volunteer

It’s a great way for healthcare professionals to reach out to remote communities

Jovian Brandon, Volunteer Optometrist


Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do. They play an important role in fundraising, coordinating and serving our missions whether they are non-medical or medical volunteers. Our volunteers seek to give back and we aim to educate about the communities we work in and inspire them to give back.

Where we work

We currently work across the Himalayan belt which
stretches across countries like India, Pakistan and Nepal.
Our communities often fall at the borders of these
countries and are a characterised by remote access due to
the mountain ranges.


We invest and provide economic development to the communities and recognise that as volunteers, we can bring a distribution of incomes through our travel footprint. By creating unique community based travel programs, separate from our clinic missions, we hope to encourage cross-cultural learning and inspiration to the communities we work in.