Our Story

Sight to Sky was formed under the theme of mindful travel. With a passion for trekking the Himalayas and a desire to give back to the community, our co-founders decided to establish an NGO that furthers these tenets.

Its origins traces back to co-founder Elizabeth Tan, who first travelled to Ladakh in 2009 on a life-changing solo trip. Having stayed at a nunnery and taught English, Elizabeth saw first-hand how much medical attention was lacking in that remote region. Upon returning to Singapore, she joined forces with a local NGO and launched subsequent medical missions to Ladakh. In 2015, Sight to Sky was born out of that experience and now operates as an independent NGO.

What We Do?

We carry out annual mobile health clinics with a focus on high impact, low cost healthcare. Our work on these missions has traditionally focused on eye issues. Constant exposure to the harsh sun has resulted in unusually high rates of cataracts and other UV-related vision problems in these extreme climates.

For each mission we enlist the help of local & international volunteers from both medical and non-medical professions. They can come from all walks of life but have a passion for adventure paired with a desire to help out.

Sight to Sky also seeks to establish long-term health and educational programmes in the communities we go to. We yearn for the day when they don’t need us anymore.